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Thank you very much for visiting our website,Please feel free to contact us.


Shenzhen office:
Address :                Xin'anGe building,Bao'an 7th district,Shenzhen city, China  :          518000
Tel:                        0086-755-23081450  0086-15817403301
Fax:                       0086-755-23081400
Ms Catherine

Email:                    sales@sun-ppc.com 
MSN:                      pcsales2010@hotmail.com
Skype:                   shuaiyy1985
QQ:                        176609808
Web:                      http://www.sun-ppc.com

Ms Macy

Email: sales@sun-ppc.com
MSN: pcsales2010@hotmail.com
Skype: shuaiyy1985
QQ: 374386552
Web: http://www.sun-ppc.com


Italy agent:

Address:               Via Casiglie Strada Bassa 19  41049 Sassuolo (MO) – Italy 

Russia agent: fam-company@mail.ru   Name: Denis Melnikov



The following is our work time (based on Beijing Time):

A.M. 9:00---12:00     P.M. 13:00---17:30

From Monday to Friday.On Saturday, we only have a half-day (A.M. 9:00---12:00) work.

And we will have a day off on Sunday. 


Thank you for your paying attention to it